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With these artworks we take the EnjoyALL project to the next level.


Thousands of different shapes of aluminium profiles become the actual protagonist of the visionary and emotional artworks of the italian artist Gino Rodella.


Enjoying an experimental approach, Gino Rodella combines together his undeniable powerfull emotional painting with the distinctive shine and sharpness of thin section of aluminium, sometimes brilliantly used to enanche the subject, sometimes used as the main subject, up to optain a stunning three-dimensional impact.


Poliedric Artist, Archi-stylist. Architect, Scenographer, Stilist, Designer and Painter.


His  Artworks are part of private collections both in Italy and abroad and they have been exhibited in several art shows, nationally and internationally.

Golden Lion in 1991 in scenography, he renewed more that 500 interiors and he designed fashion clothes and wedding dresses.


iAmong his major artworks, he created the evocative papal throne for His Holiness Pope Benedictus  XVI.


Known for his audacity in reinventing the spaces often using recycled materials or catching ancient pieces of exquisite workmanship, his preference is towards liberty style, the style he prefers.


Emotion is an important component in any evaluation of an artwork.

Any photograph will ever grant you the same emotion you can feel having a closer look of Gino Rodella artworks.


That's why we suggest to visit our permanent exibition. where you will be surronded and surprised by the powerful works of art of Gino Rodella, their dynamic combination of colours and metal inclusion and the brethtaking  and brilliant form of expression.


All artwoks are "Price upon request" (POA) to respect your need of a careful evaluation.


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Outstanding Artworks make your space come alive.


You can evaluate some of the artworks of Gino Rodella at our permanent exibition in:


Cigole (BS) Via San Gervasio, 13/13A


as well as in other selected locations we will reveal upon your interest.

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